Mandatory courses

The first part of the programme consists of 60 EC of coursework. There are two mandatory courses in Instrumentation [12 EC].

The two mandatory courses for Instrumentation are Astronomical Telescopes and Instruments [6 EC] and Detection of Light a + b [6 EC]. The first one provides fundamental knowledge on astronomical instrumentation and covers optical elements, optical design, multi-purpose and specialized telescopes, image formation and aberrations, Fourier optics, spectrographs, imagers, filters, polarimetry, and interferometry. The second one focuses on detectors, which are the crucial link between the astronomical target and the observer. The course covers also practical aspects which are of general interest to the observer.


In addition to the mandatory courses, electives are to be chosen for Instrumentation [18 EC] and for Astronomy [30 EC] .

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For more information on the Astronomy and Instrumentation courses, see the e-Prospectus 2016-2017.



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